Workshop participants learn techniques and tactics for teaching, and engage in discussion with peers.Some workshops provide materials and handouts for instruction or use in the classroom.
Our Workshops also focuses on how the history of the English language has shaped modern-day English. Many of the features of English that seem strange or incomprehensible to learners make more sense when looked at in light of their historical explanation. The workshop will include explanations,examples and activities.
Academic writing doesn’t have to be boring. Our Workshop provides, how to add elements such as metaphor and figurative language to your writing to give it more color.
The interactive workshop will cover the grammar,vocabulary, and communication strategies necessary for successful interviews in a variety of contexts. The workshop will include practice time overseen by an instructor.
The workshop will focus on the mechanics, sounds and rhythm of English to improve your pronunciation issues. The workshop includes theory as well as
practice time.
The workshop provides possible reasons for cultural misunderstanding between people who belong to different cultural groups and provide participants
with practical advice on how to avoid and manage conflict situations in intercultural communication.Together, we will have a look at the best theories of
conflict resolution and apply them to real conflict situations to find the most effective solutions
The special workshop series focuses on the specific needs of students whose first language is not English. It is a review of all the building blocks of grammar to improve your writing on exams,assignments, and academic papers, and to helpyou make the most out of other academic support on campus such as the Study Skills workshops, the Writing Centre, and writing classes.
Each workshop is self-contained, so you will look at writing on the sentence level, and practice techniques to help you add variety and complexity
to your writing by accurately using a variety of sentence structures.
The workshops will include explanation of rules and theory, as well as ample time for writing feedback by a qualified and experienced ESL instructor
Using tentative language is one of the most important aspects of high-level academic writing,yet one that many writers are not aware that they should be using The workshop is a review of punctuation: periods,commas, semi-colons and more, with a particular focus on common difficulties for writers whose first language is not English


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